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Tag: GD=_)


Grave Diggers Down Under was founded by John Hartney and Gregor Boryslowski in 2006. with the domain gddu.net and using a shovel as a clan tag, D=_)


Gregor was responsible for creating and maintaining the front end web development & John was responsible for provisioning & maintaining the hardware & networking infrastructure.

It was a team that lasted for over five years and grew to accommodate many members and contributors who became good mates, a few of which managed to get together on May 16 2010.



gddu1Our signature game is Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter 2, It’s the game we were playing when our community got started.

We still provide GRAW2 Stand Alone Dedicated Servers, as we have been since July 2007, when the SADS files were released with the 1.05 patch.

As a result of member’s requests, provisioning to accommodate more games including; Battlefield bad company2, Sniper Ghost Recon, BREACH and Minecraft along with many others.

The process diversified our community to include other games into the system, which had the desired effect of attracting other members with similar FPS requirements for their PC’s




Tag: GD=_)


GraveDiggers changed its name to GameDiggers on June 16th 2013, after Gregor Boryslowski stopped contributing to the project & the domain was lost.

A new domain was registered as gamediggers.net and a new website system was developed and launched on June 16th 2013.

Over a year of research & development in open source software hosted on Linux virtual servers, has enabled us to introduce powerful new features to members, including website’s & email features found in professional hosting systems.

We now use datacenter technologies with hi availability and bonded ADSL lines to achieve larger bandwidths, supporting twice the members then when we started out.


Game servers

Support for many PC-Game servers have been included into our system over the years, as time goes by some servers become retired,  here is a list of most of the game servers we have run on our own hardware:

GhostRecon | GRAW | GRAW2 | HomeFront SeriousSam3 NuclearDawn 
Chivalry Minecraft Sniper: GhostWarrior | Breach | BF2 | NaturalSelection2 |

Curent Game Server List

Ranking system

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Clan Member  Blue Patch  Clan member  Most posting privileges
Member Blue star More than One Year Moderator (first class)
Clan Member** Two stars More two years Moderator
Clan Member*** Three stars  More than three years Moderator
Clan Member***** Eagle  More then five years Admin



Thanks to all the generous members who have made this possible, you know who you are.